Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Patio

As one of my daughters pointed out it's been a month since my last post.  I can only plead busy as the last month has been a whirlwind of activity.  As I mentioned in my last post, so very long ago,  Earl and I decided we wanted a brick patio out by the garden and decided we could do it ourselves because how hard could that be?  Really, with him working 60 hours a week, planting the garden and all the rest of the upkeep on a home surely we could fit in building a brick patio right?
We did it. But clearly you can see why blogging has been on the back burner.
 The patio itself is finally finished, we still have a bit of work to do on the areas around the patio that were torn up in the process.  There is still lots to do and we are of course looking forward to changing some things out and adding things over the next few weeks.  We haven't hung the lights over the patio yet, (maybe this weekend?) and we need a few things here and there. Earl wants to build a couple long farm tables to replace the glass topped table we are using. That may take a while, but in the meantime, using the old stuff doesn't decrease our enjoyment out here in the evenings one iota.
 As you can see, this patio is pretty big.  I hauled 3 pallets of bricks to Earl, one wheelbarrow at a time as he laid them.  After that it was multiple wheelbarrows of dirt to fill in around the patio where the topsoil had been scraped away.  My advice if you want to do this yourself?  Make sure you are fit or hire a contractor.
 Can someone tell me why, when brown is my least favorite color, I bought brown cushions a couple years ago for the patio?  They must have been on sale, Lol.  Well at least they are fairly neutral and maybe I can dress them up with some pillows or something.  Eventually I'll replace them because, brown.  Purchasing something you don't like because it's a good price is obviously a false economy, when will I ever learn?

The garden still has areas that need to be planted with later season veggies, at least I got my flowers in right away!  Flowers tend to be my priority ;)

This project has taken so much time I feel like I am behind in just about every other area. Housework, weeding, and lawn.  One of those things you tend to forget when taking on a project of this size is that you have other things that will have to be set aside in order to get the project done.  I am so glad this is (almost) finished! I know we will use it for years to come, but it was a lot more work and time than anticipated.  I'm looking forward to a little more time to write and catch up on blogs, and also to the more fun aspects of this project, like decorating and parties!

And how is your summer going?


  1. 👏🏻 You guys did THAT?! By yourselves? Good heavens. How much Motrin did you take? It is certainly beautiful and you will enjoy it for years and years. Wait a minute, my cushions are brown. I may have purchased them for the same reasons you did. As you say, they are neutral and don't take the attention away from the flowers. Happy Summer Parties...let the good times roll just as soon as you can walk upright again. 🤓

  2. Wow! What a great job you did! I love the brickwork pattern you used to do this. Very nice. You will enjoy this for years to come, starting now.

    Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady

  3. It looks beautiful and you all did a wonderful job. Truly, what you did is hard work and you are to be commended. My husband and I built our home many years ago, pretty much by ourselves, I know work when I see it.

    Enjoy your patio and soak up the beauty of your work!

  4. Your patio looks fabulous! That's a lot of backbreaking work there. You can never go too big though. Just think of all the parties and gatherings you can have out there. ;)

  5. I hope after all that hauling (and placing bricks) that you and Earl treated yourselves to a healing massage (or two or three!) The end result is just terrific, though. Really beautiful work and the pattern, as complicated as it is, looks fabulous. (I'm not sure it IS a complicated pattern -- it's the keeping it straight while you're doing it that is!)

  6. It turned out wonderful Kathy! I can see years and years of enjoyment there. So far my summer has been boring, with no projects because of being in the rental. I can't wait for my house to be done, then we will have tons of projects!

  7. We have done the brick thing before, it's exhausting, but worth it. Your patio looks gorgeous. And I had to laugh, we are in the middle of updating our patio set...and it's still brown. Round two of my least favorite color also. ;)

  8. I love your new patio! I know how much work it was because I watched my neighbors put in a new brick walkway to their house - and that was much smaller than your patio. It looks wonderful and I know you will use it a lot through the summer. Brown? Maybe you subconsciously chose it because it wouldn't compete with the colors in your garden! :} You are right - you can add pillows and pops of color and no one will notice the brown! Happy summer, dear friend!

  9. The patio looks great! What a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful flowers that you have all around you!

  10. It looks great Kathy. As for brown, my husband prefers it in furniture so ours is brown as well but thank goodness for pillows and pots of flowers. You know we can sneak in color anywhere, right. Now I'd say it's time for you to spend some relaxing time in that beautiful patio.

  11. I'd love to have a patio area this large, Kathy! Well, at the lake we do but here in Illinois we are so cramped. I can't believe you guys did the work yourselves. I know pavers are difficult. I think the brown cushions look great, they do make a good backdrop for all sorts of pillows. Sometimes people overdo blue outdoors (as I often do!).

    I've been a sporadic blogger so don't feel bad. :)

    Jane x

  12. I've been thinking about doing a similar project in my yard but have been incredibly busy. Seeing this makes me think that maybe I need to just go ahead and start anyway. There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying the fruit of your own hard labor. This patio looks great.

  13. Kathy, I just found your blog for the first time and have sat at the computer for 2 hours reading. I need to get to baking! As soon as I saw the blue dishes at the top of your blog I was hooked. I am a Johnson Brothers lover from way back. I have Blue Willow that my mom started me on and I've added to over the years. I seek out yard sales and eBay for the original made in England pieces. I was sad they took their manufacturing to China. I have several Emma pieces too. You can post about dishes anytime you like and I'll be right here reading. Have a wonderful weekend.


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